Install on Mac OS

Just follow the following steps to install on Mac.

Install Java or JRE

Make sure you have latest Java Runtime Environment also called JRE installed in your system.

You can download for free from the


Download the Package for Mac

Make sure you have downloaded the right file. You can download the package for Mac from the following url.


Extract the App from the Package

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it to a folder.

The folder will contain the runnable “” file.


Copy the App to Application Folder

Now copy the file to the Applications folder of you machine. It will add a link to the launcher screen.


Add Shortcut to Dock

For ease of access to the Linklibs app you can add a shortcut link to the dock.

Open the app. It will add a temporary shortcut to the dock.

Right click or Double Tap on the Linklibs icon in the Dock. It will show a popup menu.

Choose “Options” menu. Under the options menu you will see “Keep in Dock”

Click on the “Keep in Dock” menu. Make sure it has tick mark against it.