Features of Linklibs

Link Management System with features not seen before in any desktop app for link management.

Manage Links like a Pro

Create, Edit, Delete, Duplicate all the links which you share daily within the app. Now you will not miss any links which are lost in the bookmarks. Also get more out of these links.

linklibs links table
linklibs new link

Add UTM Patameters

Add UTM parameters to your link to track them in Google Analytics. You can reuse the UTM parameters by saving them in the presets list.

Shorten the Links

Why share long urls with others when you can shorten them. All using the most reliable service provided by Google.


Linklibs brings the analytics report within the app. No need to login and open Google Analytics for the report of the short links.

More Features

Auto Shortening

All your links will be shortened while saving. No need to copy and paste.

Copy Links

Copy and get analytics of your short links.

Duplicate the Links

You can clone or duplicate the links with single click. All the parameters are also copied. Just edit the utm parameter which needs to be changed.

Share the Links

You can easily share the links on social networks.

Categorise your Links

You can categorise all your links by choosing a category while creating the links. This will also help in navigating using the categories.

Navigate using the domain names.

Easily navigate through the links using the domain names.

Navigate using UTM Parameters

Easily navigate through the links using the different UTM parameters.

Unlimited Projects

Each project has its own file. You can share the whole project in mail or save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Very Easy to Use

Few clicks and your are done saving your links. Another few clicks and your will get the data about the link.